SCOA 2010 Saleen

The 2010 S-line unveiled at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas NV. The following video goes through the design phase to the completed car and running. Click on the arrow at the bottom to play.

Actual Photos taken at the event of the 2010 S-281  by SCOA Member Todd Smith (view on


PRESS RELEASE Nov 4, 2009 SEMA Las Vegas NV Open Letter to the Automotive World.

Briefly, Mike Shields, CEO Saleen Performance Vehicles, facts about the new  Saleen, commitment to their customers and extending support to the Saleen Club of America. This is the 2nd new vehicle released this year. More - .pdf file


PRESS RELEASE 2010 S-Line Specifications More..pdf file

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Shots of the 2010 being assembled