2009 S302DH Dark Horse Specifications

5.0 Tech Specs
Block Ford
Aluminum Ford Instruments
Bore Saleen black-faced and
3.554-inch recalibrated Ford instrument
Stroke cluster w/ 200- mph speedometer,
3.800-inch 6,500-rpm redline tach; twin-
Displacement gauge pod atop dash w/ boost
5.0-liter (302ci) pressure and charge cooler
Crankshaft water temperature
Saleen forged-steel stroker  
Forged H-beam Front Suspension
Pistons Ford-based MacPherson strut w/
Forged aluminum Saleen gas-filled struts, Saleen
Camshafts springs
Saleen-specific, blower optimized K-member
Heads Ford
CNC-ported Ford SOHC Three- Control Arms
Valve Ford
Intake Springs
Saleen-specific Super Shaker Saleen
ram-air scoop with 100-percent Struts
ambient air; flat-panel air filter, Saleen, gas-filled
high-flow throttle body and mass Caster/Camber Plates
air; integrated Stage VI twin-screw Ford
supercharger Brakes
Injectors 15-inch, cross-drilled and vented,
39 lb-hr six-piston Saleen-script calipers,
Power Adder Ford ABS
Saleen Stage VI twin-screw Wheels
supercharger Forged-aluminum, seven-spoke
Intercooler Speed Star black chrome, 20x9-in
Saleen water-to-air Tires
Headers Pirelli PZero 275/35ZR-20 ultra-
Ford cast-iron high performance
Exhaust Rear Suspension
Saleen dual 2 1/2-inch, polished Springs
SS oval outlets Saleen
Transmission Shocks
Tremec 6060 six-speed close- Saleen gas-filled
ratio manual; GT500 shifter Control Arms
Flywheel Saleen
GT500 Brakes
Clutch Ford 11.8-inch, cross-drilled and
GT500 vented disc, single-piston caliper
Rear Axle Wheels
8.8-inch axle, Saleen Max-Grip Forged-aluminum, seven-spoke
limited-slip differential, 3.73:1 Speed Star, black chrome, 20x10-in
gears Tires
  Pirelli PZero 305/35ZR-20 ultra-
ELECTRONICS high performance
Engine Management  
Saleen PowerFlash calibration